The Wattie Wolfe Company, in the past and currently, excels in the offering of pre-construction services to provide the construction team with valuable information to assure the owner receives a quality project at the lowest cost and on schedule. The entire management staff of Wattie Wolfe Company will be available during pre-construction planning and we do not charge the Owner, Architect, Engineer, or General Contractor for any of our expense incurred in providing any of the following services.

Value engineering concepts are closely related to overall cost control. The Wattie Wolfe Company has been successful in numerous instances with value engineering proposals on all types of projects. Wattie Wolfe Company's management and engineering personnel have the ability to recognize key areas that may be changed, using sound engineering practices, with no loss of performance, efficiency or quality. Great savings, through cooperation with the design engineer, can be achieved by this value engineering process producing energy efficient facilities for the Owner.

Wattie Wolfe Company has worked very effectively with Owners, design teams and engineers in all phases of pre-construction, budgeting, cost control and project phasing. Once a specific system design is initially completed, preliminary construction cost and budget estimates can be accomplished. The Wattie Wolfe Company has extensive past experience in medical office building construction to formulate budget cost based on minimal design. The Owner can therefore plan his funding and financial strategies early in the concept.

The Wattie Wolfe Company has long recognized the importance of proper scheduling. Scheduling is not limited to the project timeframe, but emphasis is also placed on procurement activities, manpower and trade coordination. Input to the schedule is made throughout the pre construction period and updated until project completion.

Regular communications among key personnel is a vital link that keeps work in the field moving smoothly and according to plan, Regularly scheduled meetings between project managers, engineering and field supervision and administrative officers keep every segment of the company's operations coordinated.

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