As a mechanical contracting firm, Wattie Wolfe Co. is justly proud of the role it plays in helping develop the building industry into a truly functional tool for economic growth.

With projects completed over a vast area of central United States, Wattie Wolfe has for over 35 ... years been recognized for its versatility, it’s competitive spirit and performance under the most rigid standards of quality, budget control, and schedule management. Through the application of these traits to every project and the resultant satisfaction of an ever growing list of clients, Wattie Wolfe is continually expanding its outreach to meet new challenges across the country.

Designed and organized as a “client oriented” company, Wattie Wolfe has maintained this refreshing approach through many, many projects. Whether it’s a commercial, industrial or institutional construction endeavor, you can safely bet you’ll find your answer with Wattie Wolfe.

Recognizing in advance, the changing needs for changing times, Wattie Wolfe pursues a philosophy of continued updating through education, experience and highly selective employment procedures. It is this kind of “looking to tomorrow” that makes Wattie Wolfe a leader in today’s industrial scheme.

From top level management and office staff to the wide spread field crews, Wattie Wolfe is comprised of people trained and dedicated to “performance” and a genuine empathy for your individual contracting needs.

Wattie Wolfe is an active proponent of the negotiated contract concept. Utilizing the wealth of capabilities available to you under this system and mean returning many of those budget dollars back into your own pocket. Certainly, the negotiated “design/construct, cost control, team effort” is the most feasible and flexible approach for an owner or developer to adopt. This is especially true in today’s highly fluctuating construction market if one is to assure the quality and financial success of the project.

The idea of negotiating is basically simple and extremely logical. The architect, design engineer, general contractor, electrical and mechanical contractors all work together as a cohesive unit.

The team effort prevails from the earliest conceptual stage of the project to the final touch-up. You as an architect, general contractor, or owner, receive the best efforts of each team member working in your interest ... and you maintain absolute control over the teams’ progress. This concept eliminates both the problem of totally unrelated open bidder contractors working separately with very little communication; and the very present possibility of suppliers furnishing varying prices to different contractors. So you simply gain the best of cooperative effort and financial planning.

Wattie Wolfe is qualified and well equipped to make a significant contribution to this kind of negotiated design/construct team operation.

The sophistication of contemporary construction styles and methods often requires a totally unique concept in mechanical systems. With an understanding of the intricate and vital problems involved in design, and years of experience solving those problems, Wattie Wolfe works in close cooperation with the architect and the consulting engineer.

It’s another example of team utilization with the sole purpose of providing excellence in every phase of mechanical systems construction. Through experience, education, craftsmanship and a very real concern for customer needs, Wattie Wolfe has attained a prominent position of leadership in mechanical systems construction. Through dedication to performance in every facet, Wattie Wolfe will maintain a leadership position in the future.

Put this backlog of assets to work for you. You’ll see why Wattie Wolfe’s client reference list is an ever growing one.

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